We are carpooling

Carpooling makes ridesharing easy, safe, and accesible to all. It connects drivers who already have a mid- to long-distance journey planned, with people who need a ride in the same direction. In just a few seconds, you can offer empty seats in your car, and passengers can book to ride along. By using the app, carpoolers have access to fast and convenient mobility - and can share traveling costs.


In few seconds, you can offer empty seats in your car or book a seat for yourself.


You save money by sharing a ride with people who travel in the same direction.


Thanks to user profiles and ratings, you know who you're traveling with.

About us

Our vision

At carpooling we want to move the world. Nothing beats the street as infrastructure for individual mobility. But with millions of cars on the road, this asset needs to be better utilized. The carpooling app is designed to do just that, by making ridesharing easy, safe, and convenient for both drivers and passengers.


Our story

The three founders of carpooling.com, Michael Reinicke, Stefan Weber and Matthias Siedler, met as students at the University of Würzburg in Germany in 2001. They created mitfahrgelegenheit.de (the original carpooling website in Germany) as a student project, bringing the old idea of carpooling into the digital age. The carpooling platform quickly became incredibly popular all over Europe and has grown over the last 10 years to become the #1 ridesharing service in its native Germany.


In recent years, advancements in app usability and functionalities such as booking confirmations and integrated location based services have led to more than 6 million registered users generating more than 3.5 million ridesharing offers every day. Ridesharing is one of the most popular travel options for mid- to long-distance journeys in Europe. carpooling.com is excited and proud to now bring its ridesharing service to the US.


Ridesharing via carpooling.com is unique and different from existing services:

  • carpooling ridesharing is specifically for longer distances (average trip is 125+ miles)
  • carpooling is an affordable travel option, often costing less than even public transportation
  • carpooling does not employ drivers. We simply connect everyday people who are traveling in the same direction
  • The carpooling app is a premium tool with value-added functionalities to make ridesharing easy, transparent and convenient

Governments have been supportive of carpooling for its positive impacts: less CO2, less traffic on the roads, and economic benefits of traveling. Since it’s about sharing travel costs and not about earning money, there are no issues with regulations or unfair competition. Through a product integration with Uber, Carpooling will be the first company in the world to also offer door-to-door long distance services in the US at an affordable price.

How it works


Carpooling is available for iPhone and Android. With just a few clicks, drivers can offer available seats and passengers can book a ride.


Using our own navigation system, driver and passenger meet up at a convenient location to start the ride.


Carpooling not only gets you quickly and affordably from A to B, it’s also a great way to get to know interesting people and learn about new things.