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Premium ridesharing

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Premium social ridesharing

Carpooling helps people to travel cheaply, quickly and conveniently on mid to long distance trips. Through human-centered technology we bring together drivers and passengers with the same destination.

Unique technology—meaningful experiences

Smart routes

We suggest stopovers and meeting points to drivers based on live demand.

Booking system

Passengers can use GeoSearch and directly book their seat.

Live map

We help ridesharers navigate and find each other easily.

Let's get going!

Good reasons to carpool

Carpooling makes traveling fast and flexible. It’s also good for the environment as it helps to reduce carbon emissions. But most importantly it’s easy, affordable and safe.


In just seconds, you can offer empty seats in your car or book a seat for yourself.


You save money by sharing your ride with people who travel in the same direction.


Thanks to user profiles and ratings, you know who you’re traveling with.

We move the world

Get started!

Carpooling connects people so they can travel together. We currently move more than 1.4 million people each month. Here’s how to get started.



You can use our service via mobile, web and social platforms. With just a few clicks, drivers can offer available seats and passengers can book a ride.



Using suggested meeting points and support from our own navigation system, driver and passenger meet up at a convenient location to share the ride.



Carpooling not only gets you quickly and affordably from A to B, it’s also a great way to get to know interesting people and learn about new things.