With new user profiles, takes ridesharing to the next level

10 December 2012, Europe’s largest ridesharing network, announces new profile features to increase trust and reliability.

“Like any community, online or offline, ridesharing can only flourish if it is grounded in systems of trust and transparency,” says Markus Barnikel, CEO of “That’s why we have given users even more options to enhance their profile pages. 
Our new user profile places more emphasis on ratings and user validation options (including Facebook Connect, Mobile Validation, ID/Passport Validation). Similar to eBay and Airbnb, high feedback ratings are directly correlated with a person’s ability to share a ride – as people will tend to travel with those that they trust. 
To reduce the impact of unfair ratings (such as a personality clash), people can rate each other across three key indicators including punctuality, whether they stuck to the agreements (meeting place, vehicle characteristics etc) and generally how comfortable they felt during the journey.”

Each profile feature is designed to improve the overall ridesharing experience by helping to increase the reliability, safety and social aspect of sharing a ride. Whether you care about CO2 emissions, what type of car you will travel in or what languages someone speaks, you can now choose the right carpooling companion for you.   

Reliability Features

  • Response rate: To encourage consistent feedback  
  • Response time: To encourage faster booking confirmations from users
  • Punctuality score: Are you on time?
  • Activity score: Are you an engaged member of the ridesharing community? 

Safety Features

  • User Ratings: your score as a carpooler (driver or/and passenger)
  • Photos: up to 3 photos that can be zoomed
  • Vehicle Info: photo, make, mileage, year, tires, license plate
  • User validation: Facebook Connect, Mobile Validation, ID/Passport Authentication
  • Control of public profile: preview your public profile as other users will see it, users need to login to view your complete profile

Fun/Social Features

  • Pick your driver/passengers: age group, photos, marital status, languages spoken, smoker, occupation 
  • Pick your car: comfort (car model, color, A/C, convertible, limo, minibus), green (CO2 consumption) 

With 1 million people transported each month, is already a successful, reliable and fun transportation alternative. Thanks to user profiles and the integration of social networks, people today are more mobile, more environmentally conscious and more willing to share – a trend that will continue to grow as collaborative consumption gains widespread social acceptance. 

The question is; Have you tried it yet?

About is the world's largest ridesharing network, transporting 1 million people a month. Drivers and passengers can book a seat online and rate each other for additional convenience and safety. Rides can be accessed from a computer, a mobile phone (iPhoneAndroid) or a social network (Facebook). By sharing a ride, people save gas and money, reduce carbon emissions and meet new friends. Thanks to, 1 million tons of C02 and 500 million liters of gas have been saved; not counting the millions of savings by users and the thousands of friendships created (including more than 16 marriages!).


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