Our Mission

With 1 billion cars in the world, carpooling.com believes that everyone should have access to affordable transport, and that being on the road can still be cheap, green and fun. By sharing a ride, people save gas and money, reduce auto emissions and meet new friends. Pollution, traffic, parking and road maintenance are reduced. People can share experiences and help each other: everyone benefits!
See our video on How to Rideshare, our infographic on Why the world needs carpooling and articles about the rise of the Sharing Economy.

Our Product

Carpooling.com wants to make carpooling easy, safe and accessible to all. In just a few seconds, drivers can offer empty seats and passengers can book a ride to their destination. People can check user profiles and choose who they want to ride with, how much space and comfort they need, where they want to meet and what they are willing to pay.

Carpooling.com is a multimodal platform, which also integrates bus, train and plane offers so people can compare and choose the most convenient way to travel.

The service can be accessed from a computer or mobile (iPhoneAndroid).

Our Network

Carpooling.com connects people in over 40 countries so they can travel together.
Today the site is available in 7 languages: EnglishFrenchGermanGreek, ItalianPolish and Spanish

The site started as a student project but quickly became the world's largest ridesharing network. See our company Facts and Figures and todays' carpools from BerlinViennaZurichBrusselsParisBarcelonaMilanLondonAthensKrakow.

See also how we see the Future of Mobility, how you can travel anywhere with Carpooling without Borders and an impressive data visualization of carpooling in Germany, which shows the potential of peer-to-peer ridesharing as a transportation network.

Our Team

Originally founded by 3 German MBA students, the carpooling team is now comprised of 70 people from every horizon. They have very different backgrounds and yet share the same goal: to offer a new, sustainable transport alternative to all. See our interactive 10 year story.